Confident Communicator – About Us

Confident Communicator is a communication skills training company based in Cape Town. We offer individual and group training in Cape Town as well as in-house group training for companies throughout South Africa. We improve the quality of communication in the business arena and help our clients achieve personal growth through our practical and effective training. We offer a wide variety of communication skills courses (see our courses here). We work with clients at all levels – from CEOs to entry level employees to school leavers. We are here to help everyone who feels the need to become a more effective and confident communicator achieve his/her goals.

We take great pride in the high quality of our training and course material and in our ability to customise and adapt our training to meet our clients’ specific needs.

All Confident Communicator’s facilitators are highly skilled and professional. Each facilitator is hand-picked and possesses the skill, experience, warmth, passion, insight and dedication that Confident Communicator deems necessary to help every client grow.

To date, we have worked with many organisations from a wide range of industries, helping teams and individuals to build their skills and improve their confidence.

We are an accredited provider with services SETA and we offer both aligned and accredited training.

We are here to help you find you voice!