Confident Communicator Client Feedback

I was pleasantly surprised by the additional things I’ve learnt about myself and in how I “show up” as a professional. I would definitely recommend Confident Communicator and it’s team. Jennifer is an amazing trainer and she felt like a mentor to me during my training. I’ve already seen immediate results at work as a result of this training.

Talent Business Partner, GetSmarter

I came in for fine tuning and uncovered a whole range of bad habits I didn’t know I had! I am happy to say that I’ve improved on all of them and good habits are now becoming part of my subconscious. Importantly the course has helped me make public speaking easy without the need to force or fake it and put on a show.

Quantitative Specialist, Old Mutual Investments

I found the training hugely insightful and that I took substantial additional value over and above just working on my presentational skills.

Marketing Manager, GetSmarter

Your coaching and support has already helped me tremendously.

Project Leader, Business Continuity Management, Vodacom

Working with Confident Communicator lifted my confidence in public speaking tremendously. I learnt to develop my own style and to use the nervous energy I’d have before a presentation to my benefit.  The course has not only benefited me in the workplace but also in life in general.  I would certainly recommend Confident Communicator to anyone seeking growth in communication, confidence and presence.

Former Direct Marketing Manager, Old Mutual

I did a course in order to improve my oral presentation skills and in particular my confidence speaking to a large audience. It was an invaluable experience and I was surprised at how much technique is involved in public speaking. Confident Communicator were excellent at understanding the type of audience I was going to be addressing, the tone that needed to be struck, and the subtleties that make one sound more commanding and persuasive. The classes had a light-hearted feel to them which made the course feel very approachable but were also clinical and scientific where it mattered. Highly recommended!

Head of Africa Research, Arisaig Partners Investment Managers

A truly worthwhile experience! … Michelle in her calm and confident manner delivered the training effectively and with flexibility. These new found techniques are benefits that last a lifetime.

Viabilities Manager, Woolworths Real Estate Department

Confident Communicator is a great tool for anyone at any stage of experience to advance or improve the public speaking requirement of their current or new position.

Marketing Manager, New Balance

Confident Communicator training is a breath of fresh air! The material is interesting, the pace is great, and the practical application is distinguishing this from similar (but inferior) training programmes. It is a huge amount of fun too!

Marketing Manager, Pioneer Foods

A different experience which you won’t believe works till the end. Well worth it.

CEO, Switch2 Cover (Pty) Ltd

Thank you, Michelle… You know exactly how to get results in a short time.

International Politician

I have found that the training offered in this course has truly made a positive difference in my ability to stand in front of an audience and both present and project my intended messages more confidently and with a far greater level of audience appreciation and understanding. The core skills and methods taught on the course both calm you and give you the confidence to say what you want to say.

Group Financial Services Portfolio Manager, Massmart

I absolutely loved doing this course, everyone was friendly, helpful and made me feel really comfortable, not to mention professional. The level of content is of the highest that I have experienced. The course is all encompassing and Nicola is the most amazing facilitator. She is highly skilled, accommodative, a lovely person, understanding, encouraging and inspiring. She is truly an expert in her field and one can easily see that she thoroughly enjoys her job. I have learnt a lot!

Account Manager, Angle Orange

I feel more empowered and confident. I learnt so much about myself. I have developed and become a better speaker and presenter. This information will be used to guide me in all my future presentations. The training was worthwhile and I would recommend it to my colleagues.

Marketing Co-ordinator, Pioneer Foods

The training was very informative, almost “life changing” in a way. Not only did I learn a lot about management skills but most importantly, I really learnt a lot about myself. The training was very reflective and can easily apply in day to day life. I enjoyed the exercises involved and suggested videos. I was also out of my comfort zone in a few instances, but I also enjoyed that.

Senior Analyst – Fixed Market, Ipreo

The one on one sessions I signed up for with Confident Communicator were possibly the most useful training days I have had while at Old Mutual. Having come from a development background and having to step out from behind my dual widescreen monitors into a management position was quite an adjustment. The skills and techniques I learnt were essential for presentations and meetings where my voice has become the most important tool for the job. I would highly recommend stepping out of your comfort zone and into Michelle’s office in order to learn how to get your message across with confidence.

Web Channel Manager, Old Mutual Digital

I can honestly say that coming to see you was most helpful. I received lots of laughs and compliments after my speech. Coming to see you relaxed me a lot more leading up to the speech. Even just before speaking I was a bit nervous but WAY more relaxed than I thought I would be. Thank you so much for all the assistance with my speech and pointers on what to do. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who needs that kind of assistance.

Lead Analyst, Ipreo

The Confident Communicator public speaking and presentation skills programme has made me more confident in speaking to groups and has enhanced my belief in my product knowledge. I am now excited to present and can’t wait for the next occasion, rather than having a feeling of dread.

Brand manager, Southern Africa, Patron Tequila

I will encourage all my executives including management to attend this training. Highly recommended.

CEO, Erongo Red

A really great course which helped me sharpen my presenting skills. I would recommend this to anyone including my colleagues. He [facilitator] has showed me specific techniques which I will use to become impactful when I speak in front of my students or at conferences. Gavin [facilitator] is very friendly, approachable and funny. He made me feel comfortable.

Lecturer, Stellenbosch University

Confident Communicator is a company that is committed to helping clients improve how they present and communicate. What is unique is their empathy in understanding clients’ particular situations, concerns, fears and working with them tirelessly to realise a positive result.

Principal Management Consultant, PSP-ICON

The Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Programme was excellent. Your style, your charisma, your way of inspiring people who need it, your selfless presence and the touch you had on my life in just two days, was amazing and will remain in my heart and mind forever.

HSE Manager, Trans-Africa Projects

This is the best communication course that I’ve been on to date! The training allowed me to come out of my shell and the one-on-one sessions allowed me to grow at my own pace. Very motivating trainer/s who define the art of developing one’s communication skills – keep up the good work and keep on inspiring!

Senior Specialist, Telkom Mobile

All I can say is, thanks to your team for all the guidance and training that Confident Communicator provided to me. I have rediscovered my confidence. I am forever grateful to you.

Business Development Specialist, SMIT Amandla Marine

I found the content very enlightening and would recommend it to any manager/new manager in the business.

Lead Analyst, Ipreo

A huge thanks to Confident Communicator for the excellent presentation. The feedback from the group was great, the learning has been described as valuable, inspiring, having aha moments as well as being entertaining.

Director, Fetola Enterprise Development

I thouroughly enjoyed the training. As much as this was a “good communication” course, I feel like I have developed life skills – in the sense of tools to deal with stressful situations. The breathing exercies are something I will be teaching my wife and kids.

Brand Manager, Pioneer Foods

I have had nothing but positive feedback on the workshop you conducted. Please be assured of my gratitude and that of the pupils.

Advocate in charge of Pupillage Training, Cape Bar

I have become more engaging, I have taken a new positive approach to presenting and public speaking and how I conduct myself professionally. The training really took me out of my comfort zone and helped me achieve what was impossible before.

Art Director, The Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town

I can honestly say that coming to see you was most helpful. I received lots of laughs and compliments after my speech. Coming to see you relaxed me a lot more leading up to the speech. Even just before speaking I was a bit nervous but WAY more relaxed than I thought I would be. Thank you so much for all the assistance with my speech and pointers on what to do. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who needs that kind of assistance.

Equities and Derivatives Trader

We thoroughly enjoyed and greatly benefited from the training provided by Confident Communicator. The area we chose to focus on was professional communication in a customer service field with a specific interest in spoken language. Throughout the training, the facilitator highlighted areas of improvement that we weren’t previously aware of and equipped us with tools to improve our skills. Our level of communication has been elevated to a more professional level and we will be able to use these skills to train future team members as well as conduct refresher training sessions. We were each able to identify our own individual areas to work on and he ensured we covered all of these areas in the training. The facilitator’s flexibility made the sessions feel personalized and targeted instead of like just another generic training session. We started the training with a brand new team and the sessions established an open and honest space where we weren’t afraid to get vulnerable and could have open and honest conversations about ourselves and the areas that needed improvement. This was one of the most valuable outcomes as this space still exists and we can continue to give each other honest feedback in order to promote continuous growth. Our time with Confident Communicator was incredibly valuable and I would recommend their services for anyone looking to improve their level of professional communication through any medium.

Team Leader, Front Desk, Online Education Company