Voice & Speech Training

Speak with clarity and confidence. Hear and feel the difference.

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Voice & Speech Training (Finding your Voice)

Voice & Speech. Finding your Voice: Voice & Speech Training

  • Do you mumble or speak too quickly?
  • Do you battle to be heard?
  • Are you often asked to repeat yourself?
  • Do people sometimes tune out when you talk?
  • Do you sometimes come across as being aggressive without meaning to?
  • Whatever your vocal needs, we’re here to help you use your voice in a more powerful and dynamic way – to connect and communicate with those around you.

Finding your Voice: Voice & Speech Training – Amongst other outcomes, you and your team will learn how to:

  • Address your specific vocal needs
  • Speak with clarity, confidence and influence
  • Make yourself heard
  • Develop vocal presence
  • Project your voice
  • Manage your pace
  • Engage your listener
  • Use your voice as an extremely effective communication tool
  • Find your authentic voice!

The Confident Communicator Finding your Voice: Voice & Speech training course caters for your specific vocal needs. It enables you to find your authentic voice,  get your message across clearly and project yourself positively to the world.

By doing this course you will feel more confident and communicate with increased clarity, appeal, composure and impact. You will learn how to use your voice as an extremely effective, engaging and persuasive communication tool.

Often, HOW we say something has far more impact and influence on our listeners than WHAT we say. We can help you ensure that your HOW reflects your WHAT – that you are able to convey your intended messages. You will find your voice.

Improving your voice, clarity and communication ability is possible with the right guidance and coaching.

Invest in yourself and your team today – discover your true potential and the hugely positive impact this will have on both you and your company.

If you would like to know more about our Finding Your Voice: Voice & Speech training course, please talk to us. We are here to help.

Our Finding your Voice: Voice & Speech course is offered as both aligned and accredited training.

Accredited training: NQF Level 4; Credits: 2; US 242840