Business Writing Skills Training

Write professionally and effectively. Write with increased clarity and precision

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Business Writing Skills Training

Are your colleagues misunderstanding your intentions through your emails?
Are your emails coming across as overly-friendly or too abrupt?
Do your sentences get confusing for your readers?
Are your reports or proposals lacking structure?

Business Writing Skills – you will learn how to:

  • Write e-mails that are professional and effective
  • Learn to use tone consciously when writing an email
  • Understand how to use language and tone to create a positive and professional image
  • Write to suit the reader, situation and/or objectives
  • Write with increased clarity and precision
  • Increased his/her confidence in effective writing
  • Learn how to write in selected formats relevant to your work (e.g. reports, proposals, minutes, etc.)

With writing being such an essential component of our business communication today, it is imperative that we know how to write effectively.

No business writing programme is complete without tackling the writing of e-mails. Email has become fundamental in the operation of any business. It is crucial for clarifying understandings, record keeping and building relationships, all of which can be limited when emails are written without clarity, professionalism or the effective use of tone. A proposal sent to a potential investor, funder or client could either be undermined or enhanced by the email to which it is attached. Let it be the latter.

There are many types of documents that we are required to write for our businesses. Some of the most common of these document types are reports, proposals and minutes. We’ll focus on those that are relevant for you and your company.

Report writing is a frequently misunderstood medium of business writing – its potential is often under-utilised. It is essential that reports are written in the appropriate format and that the writing itself is clear, professional and accurate.

Proposals too are a crucial and frequently under-estimated medium of business writing. For a proposal to inspire your reader to take action, to invest in your business, to provide funding for your cause or to take up your company’s services, it needs to be clear, powerful and persuasive.

Improving your business writing is possible with the right guidance and training. If you would like to know more about our Business Writing Skills Training Course, please don’t hesitate to talk to us.