Lise-Marié Richardson

Communication Skills Facilitator (Cape Town)

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After completing her postgraduate degree in Drama and Theatre Studies at the University of Stellenbosch, Lise-Marié Richardson has established herself as a performer, voice artist, coach, writer, and has been actively involved in the theatre community throughout South Africa.

She is an experienced actress and voice artist best known for her starring roles in the Afrikaans television drama series Sara se Geheim and the KykNet comedy Parys Parys.

Her first appearance on-screen was at the age of eleven and from there her love for the art of  performance developed. She has starred in many South African, American and European productions since that time, including Coronation Street (UK), Clan of the Cavebear (USA), Welcome to Murdertown (USA) and a number of popular commercials.

As a speech and confidence coach, Lise-Marié draws on her experience in performance and vocal work to facilitate her clients in achieving their goals. She ensures a process of exploration in the range of expression, along with the tools and comprehensive tasks to support this development. Her practice includes various techniques and regular physical exercises that not only reduce tension within the body and voice, but also encourage keeping the muscles in tip-top shape all the while developing a more positive response towards public speaking. Working with Lise-Marié allows clients to experience an enthusiastic approach to the intricacies of communication, while actively partaking in the design of a personalised strategy that will reinforce meaning and purpose in their own communication.