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Develop and polish your speech or presentation for your upcoming event
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Speech Preparation

Feeling anxious about an upcoming presentation, interview, speech or an important meeting? This is for you.

We all need some assistance in preparing speeches or presentations for important events or intimidating audiences.

It is inevitable that, at some point in our lives, we will have to attendevents or meetings where we are required to speak, perform at our best and create a good impression.

At Confident Communicator, we tap into exactly what you need in order to develop and polish your performance or presentation for your upcoming event.

We will ensure that you leave your sessions pleasantly surprised and feeling more confident, relaxed and better equipped to manage the task at hand.

We assist you in preparing to deliver any type of speech or presentation for an upcoming event.

These types of events include:

  • National / international conferences
  • Wedding speeches (best man’s speech, bridegroom’s speech, father-of-the-bride’s speech, bride’s speech, mother- of-the-bride’s speech)
  • Work presentations
  • National / international speaking competitions
  • Milestone speeches
  • Important meetings
  • Client pitches
  • Job interviews
  • Media interviews
  • Press conferences
  • Award acceptance speeches
  • Being called to court as an expert witness
  • Motivational speeches

We recommend that you contact us as soon as you recognise that you would like some assistance to allow for us to give you the maximum benefit within the available time frame. We also understand that sometimes the intimidating factor is that you have very little time before your event – while time always helps, if you’re not presenting now, it is not too late to ask for our help.

For urgent assistance, please contact us or call Michelle after hours on 082 554 9285.