Team Effectiveness Training – Confident Communicator

Find a common language and framework within which to communicate and operate.

Team Effectiveness

The Team Effectiveness Programme gets results by showing individuals and their teams how to improve the way in which they communicate and operate as a team. It establishes the link between people, preference and purpose to increase the team’s communication and efficacy.

People do things in the way they prefer. These preferences may be similar or they may not. An individual or a team may miscommunicate or become bogged down. Gaps may appear as contributions get overlooked or opportunities may be missed through a lack of awareness of the preferences of others. This affects the team’s effectiveness, performance and cohesiveness.

The Confident Communicator Team Effectiveness Programme uses an online, non-judgemental diagnostic tool to identify the contribution preferences of the individual team members and of the team as a whole. It then integrates these into the training sessions.

The Team Effectiveness Programme:

  • Gives insights into how each member prefers to, and therefore tends to, operate
  • Provides a common language and framework to assist teams in achieving their goals
  • Increases awareness and understanding of other people’s preferences
  • Uses an online and entirely non-judgemental diagnostic tool to identify preferences
  • Provides a way to manage “gaps” to improve communication and team performance
  • Individuals and their teams can now:
  • Value the contributions of team colleagues
  • Think differently about how to get the results they seek
  • Ensure that problems are understood and managed
  • Prevent personal likes and dislikes from obstructing progress
  • Communicate and operate with increased awareness of other people’s preferences

The Team Effectiveness Programme enables the team to work with their preferences to achieve a deeper understanding of each team member’s preferred ways of working and to find a common language and framework within which to communicate and operate. The team learns how to manage its gaps and how to apply the process and tools to real work issues.